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Altair White

Altair White

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  • Clear glass top All .
  • Mirrored sides .
  • 3 drawers to showcase accessories .
  • An additional drawers each side
  • All drawers are push to open .
  • The table portion comes fully assembled .
  • Built in Bluetooth Speaker in the mirror .
  • Mirrored sides .
  • 15 Bulb Vanity Mirror .
  • Mirror includes dimming and touch screen features for volume control and blue-tooth features .

Product Details

Brimming with premium features, all tucked into a refined design, the Altair is designed just for your high-end salon. This luxurious piece boasts 13 elegant drawers, each adorned with sparkling crystal knobs, providing enough storage space for all your styling essentials. The sleek glass top complements the sophisticated design, while the mirrored facade amplifies the sense of spaciousness in any room. The mirrors on the front of the drawers and the sides of the table reflect natural light, creating an open and airy ambiance.

● 13 drawers

● Glass top

● Crystal knobs

● Dimensions: Length 59, Width 24, Height 65

● Available in white, black, and silver